Bringing Remote Augmented Reality Everywhere

Cross-platform Augmented Reality that is not physically tied to your device.

The ARbox

Augmented Reality is mind-blowing, that is out of question. It gives us the chance to interact with reality in ways we couldn’t even imagine a few years ago. It is a technology that can actually modify our current way of living, our habits, and alter the known boundaries of reality.
The problem is, that the way we use it nowadays with the current devices has its limitations. Since the camera is located either on your phone or on your glasses what you can see is limited to your position
But, what would happen if the camera wasn’t tied to the device (smartphone or XR glasses)? The rules of AR would be then rewritten. We would be then capable of using augmented reality remotely, no matter where the client device is.
This Augmented Reality is what we call Remote Augmented Reality or RAR and the ARbox brings it to us.

<- Want to see it in action? Just check our Tech Demo video.


Android, IOS and Windows SDK and APPs.


Connect to it where and as you want.


weights around 200g


8cm x 3.5cm x 3.5cm

Easy to use

Just turn it on and connect to it with the app of your choice.

RAR enabled

Discover Remote Augmented Reality


SLAM and GPS location systems allow the ARbox to be used both for indoors and outdoors navigation.

Ubicuous Connection

Connect to your ARbox as you preferer no matter where it is.

Remote Augmented Reality

The ARbox is designed to offer you the best Remote Augmented Reality experience.

SDK on the works

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